Presenting Skills Classes

Developing presenting skills.


Presenting isn’t just about holding the audiences attention for as long as you can.


A confident, passionate speaker can do so much more; sell new ideas, enthuse and lead.


Enjoy a day of practice and guidance. Encouraging you to develop your individual presenting style and voice.


Full details here.

We all love a great story.

Stories For Business


Using social media; the brands and businesses that get noticed today, are the ones that are crafting a great story.


What makes a great story?


The technology in our pockets, allows us to tell the story. Reaching potentially huge audiences quickly.


Hands-on workshops giving you the opportunity to begin that process of finding your story, that will be remembered.


The story so far…




Understand coding

For teachers in KS 2 needing to understand coding.


What is an algorithm? How does coding fit into the curriculum?


Build confidence through hands on coding activities using the iPad. Exploring a variety of coding and non coding apps.


Use programming and coding principles to tell stories, solve problems, express ideas and encourage collaborative experiences.


A day of hands-on fun for Primary Teachers.


Coding with iPads at the National Gallery, London. 24th November 2017. Book here.




  • “Oscar delivered the training really well and I felt it was at the right speed for me to understand and make progress at a good rate. He has a great friendly manner and I would definitely recommend his training sessions to colleagues that were interested in learning more about using the ipads effectively in school. He is obviously very knowledgeable but explains things with humour and in a way that is easily accessible to learners!”

    Ben John
    Primary teacher, Minty School
  • “Brilliant training session with fantastic inspiring ideas to engage the children in the classroom and streamline the work load for teachers. Thank you!”

  • “Thanks, often training not suitable for youngest children but this was.”