Animating with iPads at the National Gallery, London 25th May 2016

The iPad can do a lot more than just surf the web and act as a device for Googling! Realise the potential and possibilities the iPad can offer you and your students.


Animating with Apps, Exclusive to the National Gallery, London.

Animation with iPad Apps at the National Gallery May 25th 2016, Click for details and a booking form.


iPad Training for schools.

As an Apple Education Trainer I can run a variety of iPad training sessions for teachers in your school. Full day, twilights or a series of sessions over the course of the academic year. These courses will ensure teachers develop confidence in using a variety of apps in class.


The iPad is the perfect tool to support creativity and independent learning in practically any learning environment. There are now many excellent free iPad apps to support this.


Students may look like they know what they’re doing, but do they use the technology effectively to support areas of their learning? How can we ensure students don’t use screens just for entertainment?


Find out more about iPad INSET here, click on the link below.


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  • “Oscar delivered the training really well and I felt it was at the right speed for me to understand and make progress at a good rate. He has a great friendly manner and I would definitely recommend his training sessions to colleagues that were interested in learning more about using the ipads effectively in school. He is obviously very knowledgeable but explains things with humour and in a way that is easily accessible to learners!”
    Ben John
    Primary teacher, Minty School
  • “Brilliant training session with fantastic inspiring ideas to engage the children in the classroom and streamline the work load for teachers. Thank you!”
  • “Thanks, often training not suitable for youngest children but this was.”