Looking for help getting started with coding in class? This is the course for you!

The day long, introduction to coding, will be held at various venues around the UK during the 2017/2018 academic year. Created by experienced educators to ensure Primary teachers in KS2 can;

Develop confidence and ideas for using iPads to teach coding. Understand the recommendations of the National Curriculum.

Develop an awareness of how a few free apps can support teachers and students needs.

Discover the latest features of these cool apps and learn how to program Robots and Sphero’s.

Finding resources to sustain the teaching and exploring of coding in class.



Empower all with coding on the iPad.


The course is for those new to the concepts and language used in the world of coding and programming.

The iPad and relevant apps are developing quickly and becoming more useful to teachers and students. I will help you navigate this new world of apps and workflows. We will use the new coding app from Apple- Swift Playgrounds, along with Tynker, Tickle and Hopscotch.

The course will be led by Oscar Stringer an Apple Education Trainer, who has been working with Apple technologies in schools for over twenty years. Oscar is currently supporting Apple at the new iOS Academy in Naples. Running a series of courses to help trainee app makers, develop complimentary skills to programming.

Find out more about the work Oscar is doing in Naples.


For more information about these courses over the coming academic year, please contact Oscar, using the link below.


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