iPad apps for creating content.

iMovie by Apple


iMovie is Apple’s video editing App for the iPad. This wonderful app makes editing video shot on the iPad or imported from another app or camera, extremely quick and easy. You can create a video project from photos or mix up your video and photos in one project. Finished movies can be saved to the camera roll for use in other apps.

Top Feature – Editing and presenting video projects made in other apps. Click here to download.

Garage Band by Apple


Garageband is Apple’s music making App for the iPad. This app allows non musicians to create and arrange music tracks, easily and quickly. Plug-in; Mics, electric guitars, keyboards and more to record your own sound tracks. There is a jam option, so four iPads can jam and play together via bluetooth.

Top Feature – Sound tracks can be sent to iMovie for use in iMovie video projects. Click here to download.

Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD, is another very versatile app for the classroom. Make quick 2D animations, using photos or art work, adding voices as you go. Used a lot for bringing history projects to life, scenes from stories, language and drama scripts. A fun creative app for teachers to create teaching resources to present with for younger students. Good fior developing speaking and listening skills.

Top Feature – Sound tracks can be sent to iMovie for use in iMovie video projects. Click here to download.

Brushes 3


Brushes is a good app for demoing and showing painting techniques and approaches. Also good for planning work and letting students experiment.

Top Feature – It’s free! Click here to download.

Comic Life

Comic Life

Comic Life is simple and easy for allowing students to create comics and adapt familiar stories, scenes from plays, plan their own stories or video projects, using photos, captured with the iPad or download from the web.

Can be used for exploring genre and themes in the world of story telling.

Top Feature – Finished comics can be exported to the camera and turned into a video with iMovie. Click here to download.