Present Like a TED Talks Presenter.

Presenting and speaking publicly is an important life skill and is still an effective form of communication, even in the tech savvy age.

How well you communicate and present yourself will set you apart, both in the hiring process and later as you advance in your career.

Tech companies use the power and passion of personality to sell their latest and greatest new ideas. Presenting their ideas and products simply, using the power of people.

The ability to present with confidence is a key skill for anyone wanting to engage, motivate, empower and share great ideas.

Your personality is a powerful tool for; sharing new ideas, motivating, telling a story, delivering news, plus many more common everyday scenarios.

Tap into and trust your personality. Develop confidence in being put on the spot and now learn tips and tricks to give you confidence in presenting to a few or many,

Why are TED Talks speakers so good at presenting?

Presenting doesn’t come naturally to everyone and suddenly you’re on the spot.

  • How the presenter prepares?
  • The tips and tricks used by TED speakers.
  • Why being you, is perfect.

Crucial to the success of any practice is knowing what to practice.

  • Do your hands have a mind of their own?
  • Are you speaking too fast?
  • Do you pace the floor?

Key to success, is the clarity of ideas, how to articulate those ideas and then sell them.

  • How to engage your audience?
  • What should your presentation contain?
  • What do you want your audience to remember?

I’ve been presenting for Apple at educational conferences and events all over the world, for fifteen years. Sometimes to audiences with English as a second language. During this time, I’ve learnt much about the skill of communicating to large and small audiences.

Don’t let fear of public speaking limit your career opportunities.

My Presenting Skills course will give you control of your voice, mind and body. With confidence, you can start to enjoy sharing your ideas with an audience.

I’m currently running a series of workshops on presenting skills at Apple’s iOS Developers Academy in Naples. Giving iOS app developers the skills and confidence to present their ideas and concepts, passionately and effectively to the world.

Spend a day investing in this key-life skill on this fun and exciting day long course. Discover the areas you’ll need to focus on and practice, giving you the edge and confidence to present confidently.

Effective Communication Skills Signal “Leadership Potential”.

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Feedback from past workshop

“A very enjoyable workshop with maximum impact of improving my presentation skills – I am renewed in my passion for public speaking” – Kerry

“This course has helped me to recognise exactly what has been missing from my presenting skills (And what should be removed) .” – Arron –