What’s worse? Presenting to strangers or to a big crowd who know you?


I’ve been presenting for Apple at their educational conferences and events all over the world for fifteen years. Sometimes to audiences with English as a second language. This taught me quickly… to… slow… down. During this time, I’ve learnt much about the art and craft of communicating with large and small audiences.

I’m now sharing that knowledge and understanding with others, offering workshops and visits to all areas of business and education.

Presenting doesn’t come naturally to everyone and suddenly you’re on the spot.

  • How can the presenter prepare?
  • Are there tips and tricks that TED speakers use?
  • Why are they so good at presenting?

Crucial to the success of any practice is knowing what to practice.

  • Do your hands have a mind of their own?
  • Are you speaking too fast?
  • Do you pace the floor?
  • Where should you look?

My Presenting Skills Workshop will give you back control of your voice, mind and body. Developing confidence over time, you will start to enjoy sharing your ideas in front of others.

  • How to engage your audience?
  • What should your presentation contain?
  • Do you want a relationship with your audience?
  • What do you want your audience to remember?

Key to success is the clarity of ideas, how to articulate those ideas and then sell them.


Currently I’m running and presenting a series of workshops at Apple’s iOS Developers Academy in Naples. Two of these workshops are focused on presenting skills; giving app developers the tools to present their ideas and concepts, passionately and economically.

Without the ability to present ideas, stories and concepts, how can a new developer get their vision noticed?


If you have any questions or would like to book Oscar for a Presenting Skills Class click this link.