Do you have school iPads? Curious to discover how the iPad can support SEN?

Who is the course for?

The course is for all teachers and support staff working with SEN.

  • ENHANCE your lessons with the iPad and selection of relevant apps.
  • ENCOURAGE creative exploration and practice using technology to support traditional teaching.
  • EMPOWER those that lack confidence and can use technology to experiment independently and share understanding creatively.
  • EXCITE learners and bring together traditional practices and technology to create a modern learning environment.



To give teachers time to develop confidence, through a series of hands on activities, using the iPad to explore a variety of free apps and workflows.

Discover more and Empower all with your iPad.

The iPad and relevant apps are developing quickly and becoming more useful to teachers and students. I will help you navigate this new world of apps and workflows and assist in bringing them intrinsically into your teaching.


Programme for the day.

1- Taking control of the iPad what is new with iOS 11

2- Mastering Accessibility Features of the iPad.

3- Working with web apps and quiz apps.

4- iPad for 1 to 1 SEN situations.

5- Creating a learning journal.

6- Making books that speak.

7- The magic of QR codes and Augmented Reality

8- Celebration of students work.

9- Sensory Apps for SEN.

9- Any particular Apps or ideas you’d like to explore on the course, please make a note in the comments section when booking your place.


The cost of the day long course is £160.00 pp or £250.00 + vat for two teachers from the same school. The app list will be forwarded on receipt of your booking form. iPads can be provided as well as lunch. We always invoice your school after you have attended the course. Prevent fraud, by never paying for a teacher training course before it has taken place.

The course will be led by Oscar Stringer an Apple Education Trainer, who has been working with Apple technologies in schools for over twenty years. Oscar works part-time, as a facilitator at the Apple iOS Academy in Naples. Running a series of workshops on collaboration, creativity and communication.

The training will take place at the National Gallery, London on 20th June 2018.

We will forward pre course instructions on receipt of your booking, places are limited to 16 delegates.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Oscar Stringer on 07974 764849 or email

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Feedback from past workshop

“Yesterday was very useful and inspirational! I am hoping to cascade it to our prep department asap and also to talk our ICT coordinator into procuring some spheros. I enjoyed the style of the day whereby we were actively trying out the apps and investigating the variety whilst also having discussions around cross-curricular use. The introduction and explanation of what algorithms are was also a great way to draw us into then using the first app.” – Trevor

“The course on Tuesday was incredibly informative; we recently purchased 45 new iPads so was really useful to have a list of recommended apps to use and pass on to staff. The consensus with the staff at my school is that they find Scratch quite tricky, so the various coding apps will certainly make them feel at ease.” – James