Why Create a Podcast?

Three tutorials and lessons using three different apps for creating and publishing Podcasts

Podcasts over the last five years have gained massively in popularity and are now mainstream. They are traditionally audio recorded programmes that are published onto a variety of services like Spotify and Apple Music. Audiences subscribe to their favourite podcasts so the latest episode is automatically downloaded onto their device. From football players to the BBC, everyone can have a go at podcasting and publishing their ideas and thoughts. It is easy and accessible to all age groups.

Lesson Ideas

  • Students can write out their ideas, interviews and research, planning their podcasts traditionally in their work books.
  • Create a class news channel, recording interviews and news stories from the school or wider community
  • Students working in pairs share a hobby or personal interest, writing their ideas down first, then recording as a team
  • Make a podcast based on the current topic or subject area
  • School life podcast

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