Animation with iPads

The iPad has become an all round animation studio for schools. Learn how to animate using different techniques and approaches, with a selection of free apps.

Animation is a fun, creative activity, allowing students to solve problems, write scripts and share their knowledge and understanding.

The animation lesson actives in this creative area of the Hub, allow students to use technology to enhance their learning and understanding. Literacy lessons that work with animation include, poetry, instructional writing, scenes from a play, persuasive writing, speeches, adverts and vocabulary practice for MFL. Or bring artwork to life with animated GIFS, quickly and easily.

The training videos offer five different animation styles using a selection of free apps. Options 1 and 2 are very easy and suitable for those new to iPads and animation. Option 4 and 5 are for those wanting more of a challenge and to further develop animation skills and understanding. Option 3 is for intermediate iPad users.

The new tutorials on making animated GIFs for art lessons is very popular with schools that have subscribed to the Hub.

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