Online training and lesson ideas for using iPads effectively

The training Hub has been developed for schools that want to ensure students and teachers benefit from structured, personal and anytime access to up to date training resources. The material contains creative ideas, supports awareness and professional development.

The Hub facilitates an all year round, anytime, anywhere approach to developing teachers confidence, capabilities and skills, using iPads professionally.

Historically trainers visit schools once a year, deliver twilight sessions, demonstrate apps, ideas and workflows and in just two hours, teachers are expected to develop confidence and ideas to last a year. For most this is not effective CPD.

During the course of the year there will have been software updates, new apps and many developments. The Hub provides a relevant and time efficient, structured service for teachers to keep ahead of the curve.

Digital learning for all

Maintaining a consistent level of understanding for both students and teachers when using apps and workflows, can be challenging. Teachers don’t have the time or maybe the experience to teach iPad as well as their subject.

The professionally produced training videos and lesson ideas have been developed for schools that need to ensure their iPad investment is being used in a meaningful way, to support the curriculum for students both at school and at home.

Ensuring technology has impact in both school and home

iPad is a fantastic tool for online research, but it can do much more to develop independent and creative learners at both school and home.

  • Encouraging content creation, rather than content consumption.
  • Sharing a variety of materials with students
  • Effective feedback for students
  • Understanding the potential of iPad workflows
  • Assessment tools
  • Collaboration
children in a KS1 and KS2 school classroom using iPads for creativity and learning
teachers using an ipad in class

“This makes using Green Screen with iMovie really simple to follow. Anything that doesn’t take a lot of time out of a teachers day to plan and deliver is such a bonus!” – J. Brown, year 5 Teacher & IT Technician – Malmesbury Primary.


A yearly subscription to the hub, giving access to all the training and video content for supporting the above subjects and curriculum areas starts from £349.00 per year for your school.

For the cost of sending one teacher on a CPD day – £349.00 will give all teachers, support staff at your school 24hr access to the hub and training materials, including lesson ideas, training videos and online support. There is also the option for teachers to use the online request form and ask for a particular training video or lesson idea to support lessons.

There are three subscription models to choose from, depending on your schools needs. Full Details here.

To request a subscription please fill out the form below.

Once we have received your request, a unique access code will be sent and your teachers can start to discover the true potential iPads offer teaching and learning.

If you would like demo access to the training areas, contact Oscar here


  • Professionally produced videos and lesson ideas in one place
  • Allows differentiation for teachers CPD. Support provided for teachers that need it
  • Created in the UK for UK schools
  • App training and lesson request form for subscribed schools
  • The hub works on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and (All smart phones and tablets)
  • New training videos added every week
  • Videos are based on years of training training experience in education
  • Ideas to support teachers planning
  • Training videos on the hub facilitate all year round CPD
  • Can be used by students at home during school closures
  • Perfect for training new teachers in iPad schools
  • Use during staff meetings and DIY twilight sessions
  • All content is focused on education and the needs of teachers
  • No external trainers or visitors needed
  • Students and teachers can watch videos together
  • Full screen video tutorials
  • Teachers don’t have to attend sales events
  • No geeky overly long app reviews

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