• Using a computer creatively
  • Presenting information and understanding
  • Web search for sound effects for animations
  • Use iMovie to add titles, sound effects, voice over and then share.


  • Adapt a well known story. The Hungry Caterpillar or the Snowman.
  • Bring a nursery rhyme or poem to life
  • Create an original story with a selection of random characters
  • Break stories/ideas down into bullet point.


  • Animate Shapes from Plasticine
  • When animating characters encourage simple multiplication. How many shots are required for a three second wave? Working at 12FPS (Frames Per Second)


  • Animate Toys
  • Models made from plasticine need to have function as well as form.
  • Make sets and scenery from cardboard boxes.


  • Animate dried leaves
  • Animate in the style of a well known artist and explore the genre
  • Use pictures from magazines or students own photos. Animate drawings and artwork.
  • Make sets and scenery from cardboard boxes.

Essentially you can animate almost anything. Have fun and tell simple stories.