The Seven Elements of Art with iPads

With the right selection of apps, the iPad is a credible tool for the art room, allowing students to gain confidence in planning, experimenting, exploring and making mistakes, as well as having anytime access to professional tools for photography and design. Many apps are free or have a low cost attached to them. With the Apple Pencil there is more choice and options for working with oils or charcoal, digitally.

For students who lack confidence in working with traditional materials in the classroom environment, iPads offer a safe space to sketch, trace, paint, shade and splatter, making mistakes, exploring and not seeking perfection in lesson outcomes. They can use the iPad as a tool to plan, record, start again, save and share their work.

Three important areas for art teachers and IT support to consider when planning an iPad deployment in art lessons are:

  1. Consider a careful choice of apps that don’t confuse and distract lessons.
  2. How will students work be saved off the iPad? Is a student portfolio important? If so work needs to be saved off the devices for evaluation and celebration. This can be done with Showbie, Foldr, GoogleDrive or Office 365 One Drive.


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