Digital Skills for A Blended Learning Environment

Oscar Stringer has developed the Online Learning Management System for schools that understand the importance of staff development and provide their teachers with resources to acquire new, relevant digital skills. Now with anytime access to up-to-date, structured training and teaching resources, teachers can effectively plan and deliver exciting lessons, using the technology meaningfully to enhance students’ learning.

The mission is to ensure students ultimately use iPads productively to develop higher level, creative and independent thinking skills, while teachers develop confidence accessing training materials when they need throughout the academic year.

Self-Paced Certified Training For Teachers 

Each learning area features apps, lesson ideas and projects for beginners, intermediate and advanced iPad users. This is for everyone from beginners to the most experienced iPad users in school.

It takes time embedding digital with traditional

Teaching iPad skills combined with subject objectives can be extremely demanding, yet it is essential to maintain a consistent level of understanding for both students and teachers.

Historically trainers visit schools once a year, demonstrate apps, ideas and workflows and in just a few hours, teachers are expected to develop confidence and remember ideas to last a year. For most this is not effective CPD. A content rich supply of lesson ideas to support traditional learning, which teachers can dip into and use when needed is far more beneficial to maintaining and sustaining technology in schools.

children in a KS1 and KS2 school classroom using iPads for creativity and learning
teachers using an ipad in class

“This makes using Green Screen with iMovie really simple to follow. Anything that doesn’t take a lot of time out of a teachers day to plan and deliver is such a bonus!” – J. Brown, year 5 Teacher & IT Technician – Malmesbury Primary.


  • Certificates of completion for teacher performance reviews
  • Professionally produced videos and lesson ideas in one place
  • The hub works on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone
  • New training videos added every week
  • Videos are based on years of training experience in education
  • Ideas to support teachers planning
  • Video length is from 2 – 10 minutes. Saving you time!
  • Training videos facilitate all year round CPD
  • Perfect for supporting new teachers in iPad schools
  • Use during staff meetings and DIY twilight sessions
  • No external trainers or visitors needed
  • Full screen video tutorials
  • Teachers don’t have to attend sales events
  • No geeky overly long app reviews

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