Support STEM at your school or in class with the Sphero Challenge for schools. A relevant way to introduce students to coding concepts, problem solving and computational thinking.

I can provide all the equipment and materials to give two classes a packed day of creativity, coding concepts and hands-on fun. STEM should be experienced through direct hands-on activities.

Students will discover block-coding, together in small teams programming the Sphero’s. Collaboration is an effective way for young coders to explore coding concepts, rather than a lone, screen activity using a monkey in an app.

Participants can then design and make a chariot or boat for their Sphero to pull, then race their inventions around a teacher made maze.

When students make and create, key decisions are made and problems are solved through working collaboratively.

I provide 14 Spheros, Sphero mats and maze tape. Kinnex for making chariots and scrap store materials for their inventions.

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