iMovie is the free video editing app for iPad, in this lesson we will use it to create a news report.

A news report contains video, photos and a voice over. We will be focusing on using only photos and images with a voice over to share our news story.

Why make a news report?

A news report is a fun, creative and entertaining method of showing understanding about a subject or topic. Using iMovie it becomes an easy, hands-on activity allowing students to share their understanding of events, facts, places, people, context and much more.

The key benefit of learners creating something and being hands-on is that they remember much more than if they were listening and copying down what someone else was saying. This has been proven by many academic studies over the years.

There are many curriculum subjects and topics in which making a news report will support:

WWII, Great Fire of London, Ancient Egypt, Roman Invasion, Stoneage Britain, America and many more.

To make a news report you will need to:

  1.  Research your subject and topic online or with any books.
  2.  Write down everything you’ve found out about the topic as rough notes.
  3. Write out a two minute news report and practice reading this a few times, before recording.


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