Video and animation are fantastic mediums for explaining, sharing, creating and developing an understanding quickly. Working with these iPad apps it’s now quick, easy and affordable to create your own video and animation projects in the classroom.

My top ten video and animation apps for the classroom are:

1- iMovie –  It’s free with new iPads and has two options to edit video; Trailer mode and Movie mode. The trailer mode is an extremely quick method for putting a video project together, great for young students and those new to video editing. Trailer mode comes with top quality themes and a sound track. Movie mode now has some great features; picture in picture, speed up and slow down and split clip. iMovie works well for short films lasting up to ten minutes.

2- Puppet Pals – Is everyone’s favourite. A great app, versatile, extremely quick, fun and can be used by both teachers and students to create content linked to many areas of teaching and learning.

3- Explain Everything – Is a must for every classroom teacher. Use it to create a video of a maths problem, like Pythagorus theorem or video of students work being marked, annotated with both pen and your voice. Another very versatile app.

4- Green Screen Movie FX – There are several apps that do green screening. Use green screen projects to transport your students to Mars or read a weather report in another language. Good fun, but you will need a green screen.

5- Tellagami– A slightly different animation app, I’ve used this for persuasive writing projects in schools and book reviews. Great when students can’t or don’t want to be filmed.

6- Slopro – You can use the free version for most things. A quick method for capturing video and reallllllllly slowing it down, effective for PE and science experiments.

7- Morfo Booth –  A slightly mad app, but good fun for hot seats and bringing characters from the past to life. History teachers love this app.

8- Aurasma – This will come under a separate blog post soon, focused on Augmented Reality. AR has been around a while, Aurasma, allows you to create amazing book review style projects and  bring class displays to life. I love this app!

9- iCreate and Smoovie- Two of the many stop-motion animation apps. Icreate will get you started quickly, then use the more advanced Smoovie to develop your skills.

10- Action Movie FX – I don’t think there is any pedagogy in this app, but lots of fun. If you do use this in a learning context, do let me know.

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