What are secondary skills?

Joe Moretti and I delivered a series of exciting, new courses for students, at the iOS Developer Academy in Naples.

The students, are on an intensive year long course, learning Swift. Apple asked us to create a series of hands-on workshops that would give students, complimentary, secondary skills to support them as App Developers of the future. Creating, presenting and developing big ideas.

We designed the courses for the students to experience the topic, taking ownership of content and decisions, rather than just receiving information.


1- Building Creative, Collaborative and Productive Teams.

A hands-on, day long workshop students the experience of working as a large team, under pressure to deliver a final product to a customer. Focusing on collaboration, communication and problem solving.


2Harnessing your Passion, Influence and Presentation skills.

This workshop encouraged students to identify personal passions and areas they feel concerned about. Develop a strategy for influencing those passions and then taming the presenter, so sharing the passion and ideas becomes effective.


3- Creating Stories that Resonate.

More of a branding style workshop, working with video over a 24 hour period, students create short stories that don’t sell a product, but instead celebrate and share a big idea.


4- Oblique Strategies.

A half day long workshop, based on Brian Eno’s Oblique Straggles, an approach to coping with moments of pressure and inspiration failures.


5- Talking like TED.

Exploring methods for sharing big ideas. Tame the presenter, tell a story that shines, think big, then change peoples perceptions.


Our goal is to develop programmers to think big, creatively and change peoples perceptions and experiences, using technology.


Working with programmers and teams.

If you would like to discuss developing similar course for your teams, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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