The 24/7 iPad Training Hub.

The Hub is for schools that want to adapt quickly to current challenges. Instant, anytime access to training resources for teachers to develop new skills.

Ensure teachers have the right training materials to confidently use iPads remotely, supporting the learning for students both at school and home.

iPad to Support and Enhance MFL

Online Course – 1st and 2nd July 2020

  • Develop higher level thinking skills with your Modern Foreign Language students.
  • Use the iPad to differentiate in class.
  • Encourage independent learning and vocabulary practice.
  • Explore the potential iPad offers as a digital pencil case to create content.

Free demos – Using Green Screen with iMovie

About Oscar

Oscar Stringer

Welcome to The iPad Training Hub!

A place for educators to learn new skills and continue their professional development throughout the year, discovering relevant skills to enhance teaching and learning.

I have worked in education for over twenty five years facilitating, designing, advising, and directing training programmes for many organisations including; The British Council, BBC, Apple International, BBC Blast, BFI, Film Education, Art Galleries, Arts Organisations, Festivals and Museums. The objective has always remained the same, using technology creatively to engage, empower and enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone.

Training and Support Anytime

Technologies available today are capable of a wide range of diverse creative possibilities. Keeping up with this constant flow of developments is a huge challenge for professionals. The Hub provides a focused and relevant area, independent of hardware and software promotions, dedicated to delivering a service which will inspire and inform.

All materials on the Hub have been professionally produced and are based on tried and tested classroom experiences, with lesson ideas to support planning and confidence in using technology meaningfully.

Feel free to contact me and discuss training programmes and subscription packages for the Hub.