We universally love a good story and are happy to invest in other people’s narratives


So what can a great story do for business?

  • Sell anything
  • Can support the brand over time and give the business sustainability
  • Share a new idea
  • Lead others
  • Celebrate success
  • Entertain
  • And so much more…



When a story works, it will live in our hearts for ever. We become emotionally attached to the story and then connected. Connected to a brand, product, idea…


Customers now share these stories as a way of enhancing their image and what it says about them. Getting your story right is vital and creating a long term plan for development is crucial.


The great business leaders of our time were doing this long before any social media and Youtube were on the scene.

  • Steve Jobs
  • Richard Branson
  • Dyson

They understood that connecting with the customer was as important as the product and service itself.


What is that magic ingredient that makes a story sing? Get noticed and have a life of its own.


I’m currently supporting the iOS Developers Academy in Naples, with a series of hands-on workshops. Facilitating app developers to create stories to support their App ideas and projects.


I want to run workshops with your business – regardless of size – and help you develop and shape your inspiring story.


How are you going to get noticed?


Contact Oscar Stringer here.